Before we talk about using micro-influencers, it’s worth noting how we here at Amelia Toffee failed before trying out influencers.

Unfortunately, there is no magic pill to building a brand and growing an online presence. Let’s state the obvious: it is hard to build brand awareness. We all have the dream to make a unique product or offer a service that the entire population needs and carves. Businesses spend time researching, experimenting, and using their time to create the perfect good.

The hard part comes after creating the product. Where you have to ask yourself (as a business) how do we educate the world that we have what they need?

Most small business owners spend time reading and researching the most cost and time-effective ways to create a buzz about our company. With a couple of Google searches you can learn how to craft the perfect social media posts, have the right Google ads strategy, and look for influencers that will put a company at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

The Case for Micro-Influencers

When we tried to run social in-house at Amelia Toffee, it wasn’t as good as some of the other posts that we found on similar accounts, our photos and captions were nowhere near the quality of professionals. We’d strongly recommend hiring a professional team to help with Instagram, or handling any creative work. A quick tip: use your resources to hire someone who can make your product stand out from the competition.

why you should invest in microinfluencers

Once we figured out creating content was not our strong suit, we decided to try new channels and diversify our content offering. The first mistake we made was thinking that ads would be the magic pill. Just like many businesses, we thought by spending money on ads would immediately generate sales.; unfortunately, this shotgun approach to marketing did not yield any results. The impressions showed that our brand awareness improved, but it did not drive any sales or hot leads.

So we learned after many months of us doing our own posts and spending a few dollars on Google and Facebook ads that the reality is we needed to have an understanding of who our customers are. Then we asked ourselves a couple of questions: Do they follow influencers? Do they need, or have, the desire to buy what you have?  What channels are they on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest. etc.?

Trying Micro-Influencers Boosted Our Metrics

We did obtain and review some important information from the insights on Instagram and Facebook. Sure, people like promos but even more pertinent is that micro-influencers have a real, significant influence over potential buyers. Micro-influencers have a true connection with their followers.

why do influencers matter

There is no denying that micro-influencers have created a real bond with their audience.

We have learned that influencers with a huge number of followers tend to promote too many products and the smaller brands get lost in all the published content. We also found that influencers with massive followings will have more generic posts that might not be beneficial for your company. It’s not hard to see the lack of passion from an influencer. Their choice of words suggests that they never tried the product and are using the verbiage from the maker’s site.


Micro-influencers we believe to create a more credible relationship with their followers so that when they promote brand followers react to it whether buying or following. And their followers tend to be more aware of brands because the micro-influencers do not promote thousands and thousands of products just ones they believe in and believe are a good fit for their followers.

Micro-influencers know their communities and add personal touches to their posts and blogs that connect the readers to the products. We believe for up-and-coming brands using micro-influencers is a smart and efficient way to build brand awareness and sales.

Remember it doesn’t happen overnight but over a period of time, you will have a significant spike in revenue.

Have you started using Micro-influencers to boost your brand?

Here at Dananza we’re using micro-Influencers to help restaurants improve their brand awareness. If you’re in the South Florida area and need help with bringing influencers to your store, check out our

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